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Episode 327 - Complete Book of Vehicles

Vehicles are things we all own, and yet, roleplaying games have never handled them to our satisfaction. We go into a power slide, throw ourselves from the car, and critique games.

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Episode 95 - Movies Based on Games

Why are all movies based on games bad? At some point in this episode, we briefly touch on the subject matter.

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Episode 29 - The Character You’re No Longer Allowed to Play

We all have our foibles. But gamer foibles tend to come out in gaming sessions more often than not. We discuss the character archetypes we’re sick of seeing from our fellow gamers, the character archetypes they always play, and the weird quirks we have as GMs.

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Episode 17 - Props

Props. We like them. So we talk about them. At length. Mark mentions Fantasy Cartography but he also meant to mention the Cartographers Guild.

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Episode 10 - System

If you roleplay, you need some sort of system to do it. Otherwise, you’re just playing “house,” albeit “house” with dragons. We discuss our preference in systems. Mark comes up with some sort of elaborate scheme to codify systems, which everyone ignores. It makes him sad.

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Episode 8 - Sundry

A variety of topics are discussed, starting with everyone’s favorite topic: girls. We rate our top five Women of Sci-Fi/Fantasy. Dale misunderstands the directions and Mark embarrasses himself by not getting Dale’s references. Then, we talk about alternate history games, which Chris keeps insisting on calling “alternative” histories.

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Episode 7 - Art

Just in time for Christmas, it’s Episode 7. In this episode, we talk about art in roleplaying games. We also spend a lot of time showing each other pictures from various roleplaying games, which doesn’t translate at all.

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Episode 6 - D&D 4e

The internet has given us many things: Twitter, Facebook, It has also given everyone a voice to bitch about things they find stupid and wrong. Like Dungeon & Dragons 4th edition. Well, those are people are wrong, and we tell them so. This episode also features yelling. It’ll remind you of Christmas.

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Episode 3 - Campaign Length

The question is asked: What type of campaign do you prefer? The potential answers: Episodic, Epic, or Sandbox. And then everyone answers with totally different answers that don’t address the original question. Give us your own answer on our forums, or leave us a voicemail at (206) 350-6254.

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Episode 2

When do you stop following a property? A question that has plagued geeks through the ages. We don’t really come up with a definite answer, but we do bitch at length about comics, TV, games, and movies. And then it ends.

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