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Episode 297 - Fantasy vs. Science Fiction

It only took us two hundred and ninety-seven episodes to get to the most fundamental of all questions. Which is better? Is that just a leading question? Mark gets really upset about movies and books for some reason.

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Episode 228 - Spoiler Club: In the Mouth of Madness

This movie drove us mad - with how bad it is. We debate the finer instances of accents, tentacles, and bad pop fiction.

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Episode 218 - Self-Publishing

We talk about self-publishing - its trials, tribulations, and hazards. We also talk to a few creators working on their own projects. We talk to Steven Hughes of Utherwald Press about his IndieGoGo project Frozen Skies. And we talk with John Fitzgerald from Burrowing Owl about his Kickstarter project, Busty Barbarian Bimbos. Jim gets maudlin [...]

Episode 215 - Shocking the Mainstream

After the uproar over Django Unchained action figures, Dale wants to talk about things that would totally freak out the mainstream if they knew about them. This would be fine, except that he’s unable to see another side to the argument and basically leaves both Mark and Jim speechless with his ignorance.

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Episode 209 - Ars Nobless

We stick up our pinky fingers and discuss the pressing issues of the day. Mostly, this involves Jim and Mark attacking Dale. We then discuss our favorite character type of all time - the noble.

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Episode 198 - Defend Something You Hate

It’s an emergency podcast, which means there’s lots of sirens and screaming. We attempt to defend the things we hate. Chris fails miserably.

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Episode 191 - Geek Culture is Rape Culture

Sexism and its ilk have been running rampant through the geekosphere over the last few months and we take our fellow gamers to task over it. Jim whips out some science, Dale tells us about his feelings, Mark shouts angrily, and Chris doesn’t want to talk about comedy.

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Episode 190 - Comic Con and Beyond

The sound starts out really bad on this one, but it gets better if you stick with it. We discuss all the goings-on at Comic Con, but mostly why there weren’t any goings-on at Comic Con. Then we segue into miniature talk where Dale ponders the fundamentals.

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Episode 188 - Anime

We don’t know a damned thing about anime…but we’re gonna talk about it anyway. We discuss what we like, what we don’t like, and what we think we’d like if we knew what we were talking about, desu.

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Episode 183 - Someone Is Wrong on the Internet

The D&DNext playtest is out. We didn’t play it, but we did read the comments appearing on the internet and we take issue with a few of them. So much issue that we ranted for an hour about it.

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