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Episode 268 - Ars Transportica

Travel in games. Is it fun? Can your horse be a vital part of the adventure? Can you beat the Kessel Run?

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Episode 183 - Someone Is Wrong on the Internet

The D&DNext playtest is out. We didn’t play it, but we did read the comments appearing on the internet and we take issue with a few of them. So much issue that we ranted for an hour about it.

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Episode 163 - Comedy RPGs

All we know is that we’re not funny. We discuss how to bring humor into games, what the best comedy RPGs are, and lots of personal stories. Sorry.

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Episode 143 - GenCon

It seems like just last week we were talking about ComicCon and now GenCon is here. Jim is a cynical bitch about the gaming industry and seems to hate everything it touches. Mark is excited about all the new things he can’t afford and Chris is ambivalent. Oh, and Dale is missing.

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Episode 132 - Game vs. Game Cagematch

In this exciting episode, we compare games that have the same settings. Which ones do a better job of rules matching the setting? Which ones aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on? Which ones changed our lives and let us touch the face of God?

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