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Episode 236 - Spoiler Club: Cabin In the Woods

Who saw the twist coming? How much will Dale wax Joss Whedon’s car? How many monsters did we see? All these and more will be answered.

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Episode 178 - Spoiler Club: Fistful of Dollars

The Year of Trilogies starts off with us fanning our Colt .45’s at the movie screen until there is nothing left but Clint Eastwood and some money - you might even say a fistful of money.

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Episode 167 - Language in Games

Dale is not a frood who knows where his towel is. He wants to create a whole new language in games that everyone buys into. We’re joined by Patrick from BashCon which you should seriously think about attending.

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Episode 41 - If I Was a Director

What movie properties need our help? What awesome ideas exist somewhere in our lizard brains that want, nay need, to be exposed to the world? Where’s our budget, Hollywood?

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