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Episode 381 - The Best of 2016

After last week’s bummer of an episode, we decided to talk about all the awesome stuff that happened in 2016.

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Episode 341 - TeeVee

Apparently, we watch a lot of TV. Or, some of us do. Or we talk about it a lot. I don’t really know. But this episode has what we’re looking forward to in TV this fall.

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Episode 70 - Restarting a Campaign

Dale has some games he’d like to get back to running. So he asks for our input on how best to do that. If you’re fascinated with everything Dale does, you’ll be fascinated by this as well.

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Episode 62 - If I were a Comic Book Writer

Our cavalcade of special guest stars begins with┬áthe triumphant return of Kelley, comic shop owner. We dig into how we would run Marvel or DC: the characters we’d like to write, the events we’d like to oversee, the retcons we’d like to remove, and the original characters we’d like to introduce into their respective universes.

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Episode 28 - Comic Book Movies

Wow, there sure are a lot of comic book movies. Man, we sure can talk about them for a long time. Hey, what happened to Mark?

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Episode 9 - Comics

We talk about comics. And then Dale talks some more about them. And then Dale engages in a lively discussion of comics. And then Dale talks about comics.

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