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Episode 379 - Videogames

With three people in the studio, two of whom play videogames on the regular, we thought we’d talk about what we’ve been playing. Unfortunately, it turned out that only one of us was actually playing anything new, so that didn’t work out as well as we’d hoped.

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Episode 369 - Bringing the World to the Players

How do you handle travel? How easy is it for the players to communicate with each other? How have we gotten along without having this very important conversation?

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Episode 189 - Historical Figures

Mark hates Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter. Chris hates the Spartans. Can these two people put aside their differences and embrace historical figures in RPGs? Nope.

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Episode 135 - DC Relaunch

DC is relaunching all their books. They’re entering the digital age. They’re tearing our world asunder! We talk about what this means for our comic buying.

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