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Episode 340 - The Complete Book of Miniatures

There’s a long tradition of using miniatures in RPGs and we look at all the methods used. Also, a conversation about integrating miniature games into RPGs. And pie. Always pie.

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Episode 267 - Wild Speculation

What if D&D wasn’t the first RPG? What if Magic: the Gathering wasn’t the first CCG? We alternate history our own little corner of the hobby, as if that was a good idea.

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Episode 170 - Introducing New Players

How do you get plebians to like gaming? Probably not call them plebians, that’s for sure.

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Episode 10 - System

If you roleplay, you need some sort of system to do it. Otherwise, you’re just playing “house,” albeit “house” with dragons. We discuss our preference in systems. Mark comes up with some sort of elaborate scheme to codify systems, which everyone ignores. It makes him sad.

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