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Episode 380 - #Fuck2016

Lots of people died this year, so we have a sad about them. (Note: We recorded this before John Glenn and Alan Thicke died. We probably would have mentioned them, too.)

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Episode 140 - Things That Were Ruined by Pop Culture

We kicked Dale and Jim out and had a lovely conversation with Shane and Ryan, mostly about songs that we used to like but that we don’t anymore because we heard them too many times. And then we just sorta talk…about stuff…I’m not really sure about what.

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Episode 60 - Best Geek Media of 2009

We’ve already done the best of the decade, so let’s rewind a bit and touch on the best geek media of 2009. It was a banner year - no, who are we kidding? 2009 was adequate. We express our adequateness of the year.

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