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Episode 202 - Spoiler Club: The Fellowship of the Ring

Our epic 12-hour long spoiler club on The Lord of the Rings begins. We discuss hobbits, useless wizards, even more useless horses, and the might of the giant eagles. Jim and Mark demonstrate why they’re nerds by making numerous Silmarillion references.

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Episode 199 - D&D Next Next

Dale is back! And he wants to complain about D&D Next. No one else is interested.

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Episode 173 - Spoiler Trilogies

We’re embarking on the Year of Trilogies in Spoiler Club and we begin by discussing our picks as well as why we rejected many other things. Mostly the rejecting, though.

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Episode 75 - Campaign Brainstorm: Feedback

We’re still working on our breezy spy caper game. This time we, delve into your thoughts on what we’ve stated so far. We read your emails, forum posts, tweets, facebook postings, and every other mention we could find. We love attention!

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Episode 61 - Lists

You shouldn’t listen to this episode. For one, it’s even more end of decade lists and aren’t you sick enough of those yet? Second, it’s of terrible quality. Our recording crashed and there’s a lot skipping and it sounds terrible and in general is probably our worst episode ever for sound quality. And then it [...]

Episode 57 - Best Scenes of the Decade

It happens once every ten years - a best of list of end all best of lists. We discuss our favorite moments from media from the last decade. This includes roleplaying games, TV shows, books, and movies. It’s an extra special long episode for Christmas.
NOTE: The sound is not very good on this one. I [...]

Episode 54 - Things About Geek Culture We Just Don’t Get

So, it’s Thanksgiving. And in the spirit of that, we rant about stuff we don’t understand. This episode will either piss you off, or make you laugh. Probably the former. It’s probably important to remember that we don’t know what we’re talking about.

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Episode 41 - If I Was a Director

What movie properties need our help? What awesome ideas exist somewhere in our lizard brains that want, nay need, to be exposed to the world? Where’s our budget, Hollywood?

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Episode 8 - Sundry

A variety of topics are discussed, starting with everyone’s favorite topic: girls. We rate our top five Women of Sci-Fi/Fantasy. Dale misunderstands the directions and Mark embarrasses himself by not getting Dale’s references. Then, we talk about alternate history games, which Chris keeps insisting on calling “alternative” histories.

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Episode 2

When do you stop following a property? A question that has plagued geeks through the ages. We don’t really come up with a definite answer, but we do bitch at length about comics, TV, games, and movies. And then it ends.

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