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Episode 379 - Videogames

With three people in the studio, two of whom play videogames on the regular, we thought we’d talk about what we’ve been playing. Unfortunately, it turned out that only one of us was actually playing anything new, so that didn’t work out as well as we’d hoped.

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Episode 267 - Wild Speculation

What if D&D wasn’t the first RPG? What if Magic: the Gathering wasn’t the first CCG? We alternate history our own little corner of the hobby, as if that was a good idea.

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Episode 218 - Self-Publishing

We talk about self-publishing - its trials, tribulations, and hazards. We also talk to a few creators working on their own projects. We talk to Steven Hughes of Utherwald Press about his IndieGoGo project Frozen Skies. And we talk with John Fitzgerald from Burrowing Owl about his Kickstarter project, Busty Barbarian Bimbos. Jim gets maudlin [...]

Episode 107 - Christmas

It’s Christmas time. So that means we talk about games: games we’ve gotten, games we’ve given, and games we want to receive. By the end, we’ve all learned the true spirit of Christmas.

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Episode 93 - Game Blame

Why are games and gamers constantly being accused of being crazy? What’s the deal with the cries of ‘Satanism?’ We discuss the matter in a caring, sensitive way.

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