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Episode 379 - Videogames

With three people in the studio, two of whom play videogames on the regular, we thought we’d talk about what we’ve been playing. Unfortunately, it turned out that only one of us was actually playing anything new, so that didn’t work out as well as we’d hoped.

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Episode 281 - The Struggling Artist

We talk about art in games. What does it mean to create within a creative endeavor? Does it diminish the entire process to have it succeed. What games are good at managing artistic fields?

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Episode 279 - Video Games as RPGs

We discuss video games that would make good RPGs. Or interesting mechanics from video games we’d like to see in RPGs. We wish all RPGs were first-person shooters, basically.

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Episode 278 - Why Ask Why?

We have Jonathan on because he’s a frood who knows where his towel is. He quizzes us on the stupid shit we do and we provide no answers. Because we’re not that bright.

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Episode 219 - Comic Roundup

Dale’s been reading comics and he’d like to tell everyone about how they suck. Chris and Mark have been making random superheroes and would like to tell everyone about how they suck. It’s sure to be fascinating.

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