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Posts from ‘June, 2015’

Episode 335 - Reboots

We talk about reboots, never even mentioning the fact that we recently rebooted our format. It’s like we’re willfully blind about that. Meanwhile, Dale and Mark complain about books.

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Episode 334 - Notes

I’m now writing show notes about an episode in which we discuss notes. It’s far too meta.

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Episode 333 - Iron Kingdoms Post Mortem

We had another game end, so we recap that one, too. This one involved more rules arguments so there’s that, at least. We also celebrate the ascension of the Invisible Clergy.

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Episode 332 - Changeling: the Lost Post Mortem

Mark just finished running a game of Changeling: the Lost. So, he gathered his players in a room, put microphones in front of their faces, and made them chant his name until they were weeping. Or, he just asked them questions about running fancy, pretentious games about fairies.

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