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Posts from ‘May, 2015’

Episode 331 - Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars

It was a made-up internet holiday when we recorded this, so we thought it appropriate to talk about Star Wars. The Expanded Universe is disappearing, so we dance around its ashes. But mostly we hate on Kevin J. Anderson.

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Episode 330 - Spoiler Club: Daredevil Part 2

There’s more Daredevil episodes to get through, so we do the logical thing and go through them all individually. But first, we have to talk about that Avengers movie everyone is so keen on.

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Episode 329 - Skirmish Games

We discuss that ol’ venerable game institution, the tiny-model count wargame. What happened to the experience and improvement systems from Necromunda and Mordheim? What is the ideal model count for these sorts of things? How is Dale’s answer to everything “fleet games”?

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Episode 328 - Spoiler Club: Daredevil

We’ve spent a few days glued to our couches as we binge on the new Daredevil Netflix series and now we have to talk about it! But first, we dive into a whole slew of previews released recently.

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