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Posts from ‘April, 2015’

Episode 327 - Complete Book of Vehicles

Vehicles are things we all own, and yet, roleplaying games have never handled them to our satisfaction. We go into a power slide, throw ourselves from the car, and critique games.

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Episode 326 - Ars Architectura

We’ve got a brand new format for THACO and a topic about really old stuff. We discuss how architecture impacts our enjoyment of media as well as some other stuff. But the real excitement is that Dale is here. Remember him?

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Episode 325 - Tome of Unasked Questions

That show title doesn’t make sense and neither does this episode. There are random questions, random answers, and random attacks by wild squirrels. It is definitely spring.

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Episode 324 - The Complete Book of Grappling

Grappling in games has never really been fun. We wrestle this weighty topic with Shane, who performs his mighty Force Choke hold on us.

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