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Posts from ‘September, 2014’

Episode 299 - Heroism, Villainy, and Everything In-between

What type of person do you play in games? What type of person are you in real life? Why do we hang out with you? You need professional help.

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Episode 298 - Virtual RPG Tools

Dale just discovered the internet and wants to talk about all the magical things it can do. Even though we’ve all been using the internet for years. But, you know, if it wasn’t right in front of his face, it just didn’t exist. We humor him.

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Episode 297 - Fantasy vs. Science Fiction

It only took us two hundred and ninety-seven episodes to get to the most fundamental of all questions. Which is better? Is that just a leading question? Mark gets really upset about movies and books for some reason.

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Episode 296 - Prepainted Plastic Miniatures

It’s time to talk about miniature games, but only the ones that involve no assembly or painting. Which makes the list kind of short.

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