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Posts from ‘July, 2013’

Episode 240 - Bigger is Better

It’s time to talk about the newest trend in mini games: “bigatures.” The really giant models that take up the whole table. Dale and Mark discuss these new models while Chris tries to distract them.

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Episode 239 - Spoiler Club: Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

It’s another spoiler club about martial arts movies! Who’s excited? We get all deep with this one, talking about themes and stuff like pretentious art college students.

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Episode 238 - Ars Mecha

Giant robots fighting! What makes a good robot fighting game? We don’t know. But, hey, at least we didn’t spend the whole time arguing about definitions.

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Episode 237 - Free to Play Games

Dale isn’t here so we’re free to talk about things invented after the ’80s. Namely, first person shooters, MMORGs, and free to play games. That mostly means Planetside 2, but we do talk about some others.

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