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Posts from ‘February, 2013’

Episode 219 - Comic Roundup

Dale’s been reading comics and he’d like to tell everyone about how they suck. Chris and Mark have been making random superheroes and would like to tell everyone about how they suck. It’s sure to be fascinating.

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Episode 218 - Self-Publishing

We talk about self-publishing - its trials, tribulations, and hazards. We also talk to a few creators working on their own projects. We talk to Steven Hughes of Utherwald Press about his IndieGoGo project Frozen Skies. And we talk with John Fitzgerald from Burrowing Owl about his Kickstarter project, Busty Barbarian Bimbos. Jim gets maudlin [...]

Episode 217 - Spoiler Club: Back to the Future 2

Besides having the most generic of all the titles from our Year of Trilogies, it also features a return to the first movie. Some of us are bored by that. Others think it was cool. The only thing I’m sure of is that we all can’t wait for 2015!

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Episode 216 - Ars Mercantile

We talk about people with jobs. Dale thinks a job keeps you from adventuring and Chris thinks nobles don’t adventure either. Mark mentions Marxist theory to sound intelligent. Jim talks about stuff.

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