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Posts from ‘January, 2013’

Episode 215 - Shocking the Mainstream

After the uproar over Django Unchained action figures, Dale wants to talk about things that would totally freak out the mainstream if they knew about them. This would be fine, except that he’s unable to see another side to the argument and basically leaves both Mark and Jim speechless with his ignorance.

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Episode 214 - Choosing a Faction

What goes into declaring your undying love for a faction? The aesthetics, the rules, the fluff? How hardcore are you into your chosen faction? We have Shane on the show so that it’s evenly matched between the people who never change factions and those who change them every few minutes.

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Episode 213 - Spoiler Club: Back to the Future

It’s time to deal with the casual racism and sexism of the ’80s….er, the ’50s by getting in our cocaine-fueled Delorean.

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Best of Geek 2012

It’s time for the best geek stuff of 2012. And the worst. But mostly the best.

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Episode 211 - Ars Proletariat

We’re back in the new year with the same old arguments! This includes a lengthy discussion where Dale declares his man-crush on Peter Jackson, Jim and Mark argue with him, and Chris is sick. Then we talk about peasants in games and why they’re so cruelly maligned.

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