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Posts from ‘June, 2012’

Episode 186 - Spoiler Club: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

So, no good, lots of bad, and pretty much nothing but wall-to-wall ugly. It’s our final Spoiler Club on Sergio Leone’s Man with No Name trilogy. In the time it will take you to listen to this, two characters in this movie might have managed to eat stew.

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Episode 185 - RPG Vaporware

First off, we’re upset about the Fading Suns 3rd edition controversy. Then, we segue into talking about games that sounded cool (or not) but never came out.

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Episode 184 - Character Creation

We talk about character creation. What methods are our favorites? Why do none of our methods actually involve sex?

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Episode 183 - Someone Is Wrong on the Internet

The D&DNext playtest is out. We didn’t play it, but we did read the comments appearing on the internet and we take issue with a few of them. So much issue that we ranted for an hour about it.

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