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Posts from ‘February, 2012’

Episode 169 - Ars Ghostica

We talk about ghosts. Why don’t ghost games work? Why didn’t White Wolf ever nail that particular genre? What types of ghosts are there? Are we already dead?

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Episode B - BASHCon

Jim and Mark went to BASHCon. They interviewed the guys from Arcane Wonders about their new game Mage Wars. Then, they had a round table discussion with the audience about Pirates vs. Ninjas. The sound quality isn’t the greatest, but we were passing the microphones around the room - You gotta expect some issues.

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Episode 168 - D&D 5th edition

What do we want from the new edition of D&D? I think the answer is obvious: unicorns.

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Episode 167 - Language in Games

Dale is not a frood who knows where his towel is. He wants to create a whole new language in games that everyone buys into. We’re joined by Patrick from BashCon which you should seriously think about attending.

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Episode 166 - Continents

Continents. They’re big. We discuss their potential for gaming, which basically boils down to insulting their native cultures.

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