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Posts from ‘December, 2011’

Episode 162 - News of the Weird

We analyze weird news stories and try to incorporate them into games. Or, we make fun of Dale. Pick one.

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Episode 161 - Urban Fantasy

What is urban fantasy and what do we enjoy in the genre? Beats us. We spend most of the time trying to nail down a definition, and then spend the rest of the time ignoring that definition. We’re not that bright.

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Episode 160 - Christmas Lists

We want gifts! And we want them now! In the spirit of the season, we present our exhaustive lists of all the things we want, so that you know exactly what to get us. We’re so generous to you, our listeners.

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Episode 159 - Spoiler Club: Lord of Illusions

It’s another Spoiler Club: this time on Clive Barker’s Lord of Illusions. It sorta turns into a conversation about Clive Barker and includes a fascinating bit where Chris uses the internet and then gets mad when people believe that it might be wrong.

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