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Posts from ‘October, 2011’

Episode 153 - Our Gaming Group

It’s a hugfest as we talk about what makes us so awesome, both as citizens of the world and as gamers. My God, we’re amazing.

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Episode 152 - Spoiler Club: Prince of Darkness

Holy crap, it’s a Spoiler Club?!!! Remember those?? We talk about John Carpenter’s Prince of Darkness, which is exciting or something.

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Episode 151 - DC’s New 52 Part 2

Do you like long podcasts? About comics? Then you’re gonna love this one as we dissect the last two weeks of DC’s New 52. We added Kelley, a comic store owner, to talk about his impressions and how it’s affecting the business. And we introduce our own continuity error in honor of DC.

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Episode 150 - Marvel’s Reboot

Now that DC has “reinvented” itself with the New 52, we contemplate what Marvel could do in that regards. Which characters should get their own books? How would you reinvent certain characters? How many books should Wolverine have?

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