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Posts from ‘August, 2011’

Episode 145 - Warhammer Fluff

SOMEONE is mad at GW again. I can’t imagine who. Instead of being all bitter about it, we convince him to embrace other sources for the fluff his doughy gamer body so desperately craves.

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Episode 144 - Lists

We’re missing Dale, so we forge ahead into saying things. And that’s just what we do - say things. Some of the things are in a list format, other things are not. I don’t know a better description of what this episode is - other than that we say things. Any ideas?

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Episode 143 - GenCon

It seems like just last week we were talking about ComicCon and now GenCon is here. Jim is a cynical bitch about the gaming industry and seems to hate everything it touches. Mark is excited about all the new things he can’t afford and Chris is ambivalent. Oh, and Dale is missing.

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Episode 142 - ComicCon

It’s ComicCon time again. Which means we talk about movies. And TV shows. And Stephan joins us yet again. And it’s exciting.

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Episode 141 - Evil Games

We’re joined by Stephan, who is a perfectly viable Jim substitute. Dale talks unceasingly about things that he’s quitting, and then segues into discussing evil campaigns and his inability to cope with our awesome Dark Sun characters.

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