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Posts from ‘July, 2011’

Episode 140 - Things That Were Ruined by Pop Culture

We kicked Dale and Jim out and had a lovely conversation with Shane and Ryan, mostly about songs that we used to like but that we don’t anymore because we heard them too many times. And then we just sorta talk…about stuff…I’m not really sure about what.

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Episode 139 - Jim’s Gamer Experiment

Jim’s latest game has come to a close and it was…different. We have a round table discussion about the differentness. For some odd reason, the sound is kinda muffled on this episode. Apologies for the mysterious sound quality.

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Episode 138 - Actual Play

We discuss Actual Play, specifically how do you go about recording it for the world to hear. We also discuss Mark’s next game and what that means for Actual Play.

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Episode 137 - Mid-Summer Media Eval

The summer crop of entertainment is almost halfway over and we talk about our impressions so far. This primarily means we talk about A Game of Thrones. A lot. In fact, pretty much the whole episode. So, crazy spoilers abound if you didn’t watch it.

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