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Posts from ‘April, 2011’

Episode 127 - Design Space

Dale wants to talk about design space in games. We don’t know what that means. After recoding the episode, we still don’t.

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Episode 126 - Evil Races

We talk about the hordes of bad guys you’re allowed to slaughter. Except that our definitions are really fuzzy. Everything goes according to plan.

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Episode 125 - Spoiler Club: Black Mask

More martial arts mayhem ensues as Jet Li battles the Phantom of the Opera. We’re quite upset that Christopher Nolan ripped off so much stuff from this movie for the Dark Knight. But before all that, Dale, Chris, and Mark argue incessantly about Sucker Punch. So much so that it’s almost a Sucker Punch episode [...]

Episode 124 - Man Caves

What’s in our man caves? What do we want in our man caves? This conversation devolves into the “What would you do with a million dollars?” talk pretty quickly. Mark has questions about women.

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