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Posts from ‘March, 2011’

Episode 123 - MMOs

We crave phat loot. We talk about noobs, kill-stealing, and the holy trinity. So much jargon is thrown around, Dale gets lost.

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Episode 122 - Ars Robotica

We love robots. A lot. More than is humanly possible. We discuss our favorites, our least favorites, and debate the very definition of the term (which goes nowhere). Also, Dale hates everything that Jim loves.

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Episode 121 - Kung Fu Hustle

Our next Spoiler Club begins with several large screw-ups: For one, we get the episode number wrong. Woops. Then, we all make racist comments. It’s a travesty, really. We also discuss the martial arts moves that famous writers would have for no good reason.

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Episode 120 - Mini Gamers vs. Role Players

Jim is still the victim of a chemical attack. We replace him with a Magic 8-Ball. There is no appreciable difference. Then, we talk about mini games and RPGs and what the differences in the people who play them are. Why is there a split in the community? What causes it? What can we do [...]

Episode 119 - TempleCon

Dale’s back from TempleCon. Jim’s been the victim of a chemical attack. Chris is all hyped up on sugar. Mark is angry about something. It all combines into a heady description of Dale’s adventures at TempleCon.

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