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Posts from ‘February, 2011’

Episode 118 - British vs. American TV

We still don’t know where Dale is. But we honor his memory by talking about his favorite subject: Brits. Specifically, British vs. American TV. We talk about all the shows from the BBC that came to America. And that one show that went to the BBC.

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Episode 117 - Game Killers

We’ve lost Dale. We spend a lot of time wondering where he is. Then, we hold a little memorial service and talk about sci-fi games. Then, we talk about when you check out of a game and what caused it.

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Episode 116 - Randomness

Things are said on this episode. That’s right…things. Dale does a terrible job of selling Dystopian Wars to us. Other than that, I’m not really sure what we talked about. Surely, this is our best episode ever.

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Episode 115 - Donnie Darko

The Winter of WTF Spoiler Club concludes with Donnie Darko. We wear our stupid human suits while we discuss the film.

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