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Posts from ‘November, 2010’

Episode 105 - Villains

The holidays will not stop the podcasting! We embark on a journey into villainy. What makes a good villain, what makes a bad villain, what makes villains tick? Revelations are made! Plans are discovered! Things are said!

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Episode 104 - Influential Media

What particular media do we find innovative or influential? This particularly weighty topic devolves into a discussion about how Dale is old.

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Episode 103 - Spoiler Club: The Crow

The last movie in the Fall of Goth is The Crow, a nice story about a young boy and a young girl and the trials of their relationship. ‘Course, their biggest trial is Michael Wincott, which leads to all sorts of amusing situations. Or something. We talk about how goth it is, how bad the [...]

Episode 102 - Nerd Confessions

Another live episode asks the question: What are your most embarrassing nerd confessions? We mostly answer questions from the chat before delving into the topic, wherein we discover that both Mark and Dale devolve mostly into embarrassing stories about things they wore.

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