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Posts from ‘October, 2010’

Episode 101 - Campaign Design: Final Thoughts

The week long awesomeness continues with more awesome: a live episode about that favorite of subjects: the breezy spy caper game that we’re planning on running. We get comments from the chat as well as express our own ideas about the state of the game and what its future holds. We also ramble about questions [...]

Episode 100 - When Gamers Attack

It’s our 100th episode! So that means we’re going to listen as Dale complains about the local gamer scene! That’s the sort of quality podcasting you can expect from us.

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Episode 99 - Dr Who

Our 100th episode celebration continues with yet another episode this week. This time, we talk about Dr. Who. Who’s our favorite doctor? Who shouldn’t have been a companion? What’s the worst special effect we’ve ever seen?

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The “Celebration” Begins

We’ve reached 100 episodes and we’re celebrating by releasing one episode a day for the entire week! You’re going to get sick of us!
We’re planning on doing some live episodes as well on Wednesday, October 20th. Join us in our Ustream channel at 7:00 PM MST to barge into the conversation.

Episode 98 - Spoiler Club: The Nightmare Before Christmas

Our week-long celebration of our 100th episode begins tonight with the next Spoiler Club in the Fall of Goth. It’s a movie. With singing. And puppets. And supposedly it’s goth. I don’t get it either.

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Episode 97 - Game Length

How long is too long for a game to last? How short is too short? We delve into these sticky topics, as well as make other jokes about length. I’m sure you figured out what those were.

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Episode 96 - Card Games

While Chris is away, we talk about things that he doesn’t care about. Like card games. Go Fish.

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