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Posts from ‘May, 2010’

Episode 78 - Fan Fiction

Fan Fiction: When is it okay? We discuss the merits, Dale admits terrible things, and we all mock him. I think he even mocks himself a little. It’s a good time for all. Oh, and we talk about Twilight.

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Episode 77 - Cliches You Like

Cliches often get a bad rap. But they can also be shorthand for cool stories. We discuss some of the cliches we like, and since we can’t avoid it, some that we hate as well.

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Episode 76 - The Summer of Superheroes

We’ve got plans for another Spoiler Club series, this time on superheroes. Unfortunately, the mastermind behind this can’t narrow down his list of superhero films. We take him to task over the course of an hour, spitting in his face and generally breaking his will until he does what we say. At least, that’s the [...]

Episode 75 - Campaign Brainstorm: Feedback

We’re still working on our breezy spy caper game. This time we, delve into your thoughts on what we’ve stated so far. We read your emails, forum posts, tweets, facebook postings, and every other mention we could find. We love attention!

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