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Posts from ‘April, 2010’

Episode 74 - Videogames

We’ve done 74 episodes and never once had a deep, meaningful conversation about that most mainstream of all geek activities - videogames. After this episode, we still haven’t.

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Episode 73 - Character

We talk about character, particulary the moral fiber of yours. There’s also some stuff about superhero movies, and a tiny discussion on that most important of issues: playing yourself.

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Episode 72 - Campaign Brainstorm: Magic

We continue our bold new experiment by talking about what sort of magic system we want in our campaign setting. This involves arguing.

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Episode 71 - Brainstorming a Campaign

We embark on a bold new experiment this week: creating a campaign from scratch. We talk about our likes and dislikes, drag out some ideas, make sure to tell each other our safewords, and create some sort of campaign from whole cloth.

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