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Posts from ‘February, 2010’

Episode 65 - The Future of Gaming

Could this show get any more exciting?! Not only do we have yet another special guest, but there’s exciting news! And we then we get all excited talking about how technology is going to change our gaming for the better. Get excited!

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Episode 64 - Buddies

The calvacade of guest stars continues as we talk about the exciting world of buddies; relationships in film, TV, comics, and books that are defined by their friendship. It’s an exciting reference-filled episode.

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Episode 63 - Noir

The calvacade of special guests continues as we wrap up the winter of noir by discussing the genre as a whole. Ideas are thrown around. People are made fun of. It’s pretty typical.

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Episode 62 - If I were a Comic Book Writer

Our cavalcade of special guest stars begins with┬áthe triumphant return of Kelley, comic shop owner. We dig into how we would run Marvel or DC: the characters we’d like to write, the events we’d like to oversee, the retcons we’d like to remove, and the original characters we’d like to introduce into their respective universes.

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