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Posts from ‘January, 2010’

Episode 61 - Lists

You shouldn’t listen to this episode. For one, it’s even more end of decade lists and aren’t you sick enough of those yet? Second, it’s of terrible quality. Our recording crashed and there’s a lot skipping and it sounds terrible and in general is probably our worst episode ever for sound quality. And then it [...]

Episode 60 - Best Geek Media of 2009

We’ve already done the best of the decade, so let’s rewind a bit and touch on the best geek media of 2009. It was a banner year - no, who are we kidding? 2009 was adequate. We express our adequateness of the year.

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Episode 59 - Spoiler Club: Brick

The winter of noir continues with the last movie in our noir spoiler club: Brick. It’s like those hobbit books by Tolkien.

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Episode 58B - THACO Presents Fell Calls

The discussion from long-dead podcasts continues, this week with Skorne and Legion weighing in. Then, our overall thoughts.

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