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Posts from ‘December, 2009’

Episode 58A - THACO Presents Fell Calls

Back in the mists of time, we had another podcast. It was called Fell Calls and it was about Warmachine and Hordes. The old gang reunites to talk about the Hordes Mark II playtest. This week, we discuss the changes to the Trolls and the Circle.

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Episode 57 - Best Scenes of the Decade

It happens once every ten years - a best of list of end all best of lists. We discuss our favorite moments from media from the last decade. This includes roleplaying games, TV shows, books, and movies. It’s an extra special long episode for Christmas.
NOTE: The sound is not very good on this one. I [...]

Episode 56 - Campaigns That Failed

Before the decade is over, we discuss all of our miserable failures as human beings. Actually, we just discuss the campaigns we’ve run that failed and discuss the lessons we learned from those failures. Although the healing process is hard, we eventually grow as people.

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Episode 55 - Spoiler Club: Miller’s Crossing

The winter of noir continues with Miller’s Crossing. This was a movie. Some of us liked it, some of us didn’t.

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