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Posts from ‘November, 2009’

Episode 54 - Things About Geek Culture We Just Don’t Get

So, it’s Thanksgiving. And in the spirit of that, we rant about stuff we don’t understand. This episode will either piss you off, or make you laugh. Probably the former. It’s probably important to remember that we don’t know what we’re talking about.

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Episode 53 - DDI and D&D

It’s been almost a whole week since you’ve heard us talk about Dungeons & Dragons. We talk about some of the playtest classes on DDI, as well as DDI and what it means for gaming in general. And then there’s pie.

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Episode 52 - Fifty-Two Pick-Up

It’s our one year anniversary. And to demonstrate how much we care, we don’t even have a topic. There’s a lot of Dungeons & Dragons talk, a defense of Steve Martin, and some random d20 musing.

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Episode 51 - Spoiler Club: LA Confidential

It’s the Winter of Noir! Aren’t you excited? We start off by talking about LA Confidential, a small little movie that only won a few Oscars.

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