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Posts from ‘October, 2009’

Episode 50 - Cyberpunk

The summer of cyberpunk is over and we wrap up our discussion by covering some cyberpunk authors, some movies we didn’t watch, and some talk about cyberpunk role playing games. We also make game ideas out of the movies we watched.

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Episode 49 - Genres and Media Formats

Where are the Western comic books? Why aren’t there any good fantasy movies? Where are the good superhero video games? Which of our favorite genres aren’t getting the love they deserve in other formats? (There’s some weird skipping at the beginning of this episode. Don’t worry. It goes away.)

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Episode 48 - Eclipse Phase

We’re on a roll with talking about sci-fi games. This time we talk about Eclipse Phase and discuss some character concepts from our game.

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Episode 47 - Fading Suns

The stars are fading, so it’s time to talk about Fading Suns. Dale doesn’t know anything about the game, so we educate him. We suck at selling you a game.

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