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Posts from ‘March, 2009’

Episode 19 - Ars Zombica

How will we survive the zombie apocalypse? As geeks, we have this all figured out. We might not have planned for our retirement or anything,┬ábut by god, we’ve got this zombie thing figured out.

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Episode 18 - Con Stories

We talked about conventions - What makes a good one, what we look for in a convention, conventions we’ve gone to, etc. And then the computer crashes. So we rerecorded it and avoided all those questions so that we wouldn’t bore ourselves. Which means we basically just relayed con stories. But it’s still funny.

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Spoiler Club: Watchmen

Watchmen: we watched it. And then we talked about it. This should go without saying, but there are crazy spoilers for the movie and the comic.

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Episode 17 - Props

Props. We like them. So we talk about them. At length. Mark mentions Fantasy Cartography but he also meant to mention the Cartographers Guild.

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