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Posts from ‘January, 2009’

Episode 12 - 2008, A Year in Review

Everyone loves lists. So we made one of our Top 20 Geek Things in 2008. Mark becomes angry when Jim and Chris nominate non-geek things to the list, even though Mark himself nominated lots of non-geek stuff. Dale waffles on how he would rate things. It’s nothing but a big, dumb argument. Think of something [...]

Episode A - George R.R. Martin Interview

The fine folks at COSine were nice enough to allow us to talk to their Guest of Honor, George R.R. Martin. We ask him a variety of questions related to the licensing of his books, especially in regards to the games derived from his works.
Voicemail: (206) 350-6254

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Episode 11 - Books Every Gamer Should Read

We start off the episode talking about our favorite books. There’s a lot of cross-pollination between the lists. Then, we discuss books that every gamer should read. And then the conversation drifts into audiobook territory and whether they’re worth your time.

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Episode 10 - System

If you roleplay, you need some sort of system to do it. Otherwise, you’re just playing “house,” albeit “house” with dragons. We discuss our preference in systems. Mark comes up with some sort of elaborate scheme to codify systems, which everyone ignores. It makes him sad.

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Episode 9 - Comics

We talk about comics. And then Dale talks some more about them. And then Dale engages in a lively discussion of comics. And then Dale talks about comics.

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