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Posts from ‘December, 2008’

Episode 8 - Sundry

A variety of topics are discussed, starting with everyone’s favorite topic: girls. We rate our top five Women of Sci-Fi/Fantasy. Dale misunderstands the directions and Mark embarrasses himself by not getting Dale’s references. Then, we talk about alternate history games, which Chris keeps insisting on calling “alternative” histories.

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Episode 7 - Art

Just in time for Christmas, it’s Episode 7. In this episode, we talk about art in roleplaying games. We also spend a lot of time showing each other pictures from various roleplaying games, which doesn’t translate at all.

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Episode 6 - D&D 4e

The internet has given us many things: Twitter, Facebook, It has also given everyone a voice to bitch about things they find stupid and wrong. Like Dungeon & Dragons 4th edition. Well, those are people are wrong, and we tell them so. This episode also features yelling. It’ll remind you of Christmas.

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Episode 5 - How to Pronounciate Words

Dale and Mark are grammar nazis. So they write a big giant list of words that gamers often mispronounce and then teach everyone the correct way to pronounce them. And then they list some other words that they’re not really sure on the grammar of. Also, the thing that Mark couldn’t remember the name of [...]

Episode 4 - Genre

Genre. What areĀ our favorites as well as our least favorites? Dale and Mark make up their own genres to describe what they’re going for with mixed results. And then Jim and Dale get into a long protracted conversation about how to run horror games which lasts entirely too long. I blame Chris.

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