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Episode 381 - The Best of 2016

After last week’s bummer of an episode, we decided to talk about all the awesome stuff that happened in 2016.

Episode 380 - #Fuck2016

Lots of people died this year, so we have a sad about them. (Note: We recorded this before John Glenn and Alan Thicke died. We probably would have mentioned them, too.)

Episode 379 - Videogames

With three people in the studio, two of whom play videogames on the regular, we thought we’d talk about what we’ve been playing. Unfortunately, it turned out that only one of us was actually playing anything new, so that didn’t work out as well as we’d hoped.

Episode 378 - The Bestiary

This episode makes very little sense. We talk about animals and monsters in roleplaying games, but this mostly consists of the question “Who is your favorite bear?”

Episode 377 - Complete Book of Attributes

Attributes are the things that all (most) games have, but we still argue about what they are for most of the episode. You’d think there’d be some sort of common language of these things by now.

Episode 376 - System Mastery

We discuss all the news of the day, except the one thing everyone’s talking about. Then, we discuss how well we actually know the systems we play.

Episode 375 - Gamer’s Block

It’s like writer’s block, but for games. Do we have it? What do we do to combat it? Is that’s what happening right now?

Episode 374 - Spoiler Club: Luke Cage

It’s time to talk about Luke Cage. We spend an hour doing so, and yet somehow fail to talk about Luke Cage or Mike Colter. Weird.

Episode 373 - Avoiding the Data Dump

How do you avoid exposition in games? How can you make it interesting? We discuss some ways that have worked for us.

Episode 372 - Death in Games

We discuss that one thing that every game assumes but never actually happens - death. Are we just namby-pamby babies who hate to see a dead character, or is it the solution to all of our problems? The grave holds its secrets…