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Episode 362 - Fell Calls Mk. III

It’s been awhile since we talked about Warmachine and Hordes, but with the new edition coming soon, we engage the way-back machine and see how much wild speculation we can do.

Episode 361 - Complete Guide to Character Creation

We make some characters. Because we have opinions about them. As if you didn’t know that.

Episode 360 - Spoiler Club: Daredevil season 2

We talk about Daredevil season 2 - just in time for May 4th! We talk about our undying love for Punisher, how Matt is the worst blind person, and there’s something about newspapers?

Episode 359 - The Complete Book of Powers

That’s right, we discuss the broadest possible target: powers in games. We emerge from the other side knowing nothing new. But that’s pretty typical.

Episode 358 - Ars Money

As members of the poors, we discuss how cool it is to pretend you have a lot of money. In games. Just in games.

Episode 357 - Pulp

We talk about the genre known as pulp. This primarily consists of making fun of The Phantom.

Episode 356 - Ars Evil Organizations

We discuss the organization as a whole as the bad guy. This was probably inspired by tax season. Make of that what you will.

Episode 355 - Balancing Player Agendas

Jim wants to complain about his game and his ungrateful players. As some of those ungrateful players, we deflect his accusations for about an hour, leaving him increasingly frustrated. It’s pretty sweet.

Episode 354 - The Complete Book of Equipment

We debate the merits of equipping yourself. I think we’re against it…except when we’re completely for it. It doesn’t really make sense. We also discuss our favorite magic items.

Episode 353 - Cooperative Games

We cooperate to talk about cooperative games. There is no unresolved tension or anything. Also, there is talk of television.