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Episode 276 - Ars Secret Societies

Dale missed our talk about mysteries in games. So he wants to have another one. It is fascinating.

Episode 275 - Gaming News Roundup

The “news” part may not be very relevant, but the impact upon the gaming world is sure to be felt. We tremble in fear before the gaming messiahs.

Episode 274 - Mysteries in Gaming

What does it all mean? Where did the d20 come from?

Episode 273 - The Complete Magical Other

We decide to get racist. Or politically-correct. Probably the latter. It goes as well as you’d expect that sort of thing to work.

Episode 272 - Spoiler Club: The Game

“Gotcha” movies begins with The Game, a movie in which Michael Douglas acts stressed. This upsets Chris. Everyone else is fine with it.

Episode 271 - Strange Fiction

After giving it an extra day of thought, I still have no idea what this episode is about.

Episode 270 - The Complete Magnificent Bastard

The guys talk about their heroes who shouldn’t be their heroes. There is bonding. Or not.

Episode 269 - Spoiler Club: Dredd

Mark thinks Dredd ripped off better movies, Jim wants to discuss feelings, Dale has weird ideas about cops, and Chris hates cyberpunk.

Episode 268 - Ars Transportica

Travel in games. Is it fun? Can your horse be a vital part of the adventure? Can you beat the Kessel Run?

Episode 267 - Wild Speculation

What if D&D wasn’t the first RPG? What if Magic: the Gathering wasn’t the first CCG? We alternate history our own little corner of the hobby, as if that was a good idea.