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Episode 319 - RPG Writing

It’s tough to write a RPG. It involves many different disciplines to do well. We ponder the best in fiction, explanations, and indexes.

Episode 318 - Marvel’s Secret War

Full disclosure: We recorded this before the Sony/Marvel deal involving Spiderman. So we have no idea what we’re talking about. Which is usually true, but is particularly relevant in this particular episode. It really makes you reflect on mortality, ya know?

Episode 317 - Licensed Games

We discuss our favorite and least favorite licensed games. That somehow makes us super-angry defending the things we love and so the whole thing ends in tears.

Episode 316 - Cheating

We discuss cheating - on your wife, on your diet, and on your dice. Shocking revelations are revealed.

Episode 315 - Gaming Oddities

Have you ever gamed weird? Have you ever played someone else’s character, played multiple characters, or GMed for a ghost? Was the GM in the room the whole time? Jim drags us to scary places from which we might never return.

Episode 314 - Best Things of 2014

We return from the Christmas break ready to talk about everything that happened last year and how awesome it was. There are no bad things. Only awesome things.

Episode 313 - Things We’re Looking Forward To in 2015

As the year changes, we list all the awesome things we’re looking forward to seeing in 2015. Every one of them seems to spawn a sidebar which we never close, creating a mess of nested structures that devour us. So it’s gonna be a great year.

Episode 312 - Christmas Wish List

It’s Christmas and that means we want stuff. The audio is a bit bad at the beginning, but it gets better.

Episode 311 - Our GMing Styles

Chris dissects our GMing styles. And then we complain about how everyone else’s style sucks. God, their games are so tedious.

Episode 310 - Complete Book of Initiative

Who goes first? It’s a universal problem with only a couple of solutions. We talk about initiative systems we’ve loved before, as well as those that leave us at the bottom of the turn order.