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Episode 331 - Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars

It was a made-up internet holiday when we recorded this, so we thought it appropriate to talk about Star Wars. The Expanded Universe is disappearing, so we dance around its ashes. But mostly we hate on Kevin J. Anderson.

Episode 330 - Spoiler Club: Daredevil Part 2

There’s more Daredevil episodes to get through, so we do the logical thing and go through them all individually. But first, we have to talk about that Avengers movie everyone is so keen on.

Episode 329 - Skirmish Games

We discuss that ol’ venerable game institution, the tiny-model count wargame. What happened to the experience and improvement systems from Necromunda and Mordheim? What is the ideal model count for these sorts of things? How is Dale’s answer to everything “fleet games”?

Episode 328 - Spoiler Club: Daredevil

We’ve spent a few days glued to our couches as we binge on the new Daredevil Netflix series and now we have to talk about it! But first, we dive into a whole slew of previews released recently.

Episode 327 - Complete Book of Vehicles

Vehicles are things we all own, and yet, roleplaying games have never handled them to our satisfaction. We go into a power slide, throw ourselves from the car, and critique games.

Episode 326 - Ars Architectura

We’ve got a brand new format for THACO and a topic about really old stuff. We discuss how architecture impacts our enjoyment of media as well as some other stuff. But the real excitement is that Dale is here. Remember him?

Episode 325 - Tome of Unasked Questions

That show title doesn’t make sense and neither does this episode. There are random questions, random answers, and random attacks by wild squirrels. It is definitely spring.

Episode 324 - The Complete Book of Grappling

Grappling in games has never really been fun. We wrestle this weighty topic with Shane, who performs his mighty Force Choke hold on us.

Episode 323 - Complete Book of Mass Combat

War? What is it good for? Exciting games, that’s what! Good god, ya’ll. We discuss our favorite mass combat systems and our least favorite ones.

Episode 322 - RPG Advice for Your Younger Self

We talk to our inner child about inner child things, like what games we should be playing and whether Susie at school likes us. We invite Gabriel onto the show. Stranger Danger!