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Episode 353 - Cooperative Games

We cooperate to talk about cooperative games. There is no unresolved tension or anything. Also, there is talk of television.

Episode 352 - Spoiler Club: Star Wars The Force Awakens

It’s not much of a Spoiler Club because you’ve already seen it. But we’ve been MIA and so it seems like we should talk about it. I mean, everyone else is. Why not us?

Episode 351 - The Future of Game Stores

We’re pretty down on game stores, but we give our best business advice to those beleaguered people who still think it’s a viable income stream. We probably shouldn’t own a business.

Episode 350 - The Best of 2015

It’s time for the annual Best Of lists. Luckily, you’ve stumbled across the least relevant Best Of list ever conceived. How awesome for you.

Episode 349 - Explorations in New Media

That title sounds like a class you’d take to get your one required Humanities course out of the way. So, let’s just pretend it’s that.

Episode 348 - Spoiler Club: Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones! Purple! Trish! Combat Drugs! Tinkly Piano! Sweet Christmas!

Episode 347 - The Complete Book of Exploration

We travel away from the idyllic countryside into the rough lands of the Eastern Quarter in our continual quest to talk for an hour.

Episode 346 - Threats To the Future

Our future-thinking continues, but this time it’s way more negative. Basically, it’s just old people complaining about those damned kids.

Episode 345 - Hope for the Future

We get really positive and talk about positivity in the geek sphere. We’re positive that it gets negative, because we can’t help it. But we try.

Episode 344 - Overused Sci-Fi Tropes

We argue about sci-fi tropes, which some people don’t like and other people think are the greatest things. It is very confusing. And pedantic.