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Episode 290 - Sensitivity

We get all namby-pamby and talk about how people are mistreated in the hobby. It makes for a rollicking good time.

Episode 288 - Spoiler Club: Stir of Echoes

Kevin Bacon digs…into our hearts. We talk about the first movie based on a Richard Matheson story in this particular Spoiler Club series.

Episode 287 - Games About Animals

After that pet episode, we just needed to have more animal talk. We discuss how we’re going to defeat the evil Foot Clan, just as soon as we break out of NIMH.

Episode 286 - Ars Peticus

Pets! In games! We dissect your Pokeball to discover the furry goodness inside.

Episode 285 - Spoiler Club: The Frighteners

We ain’t afraid of no ghost(s), when we talk about Peter Jackson’s The Frighteners. It’s got magical serial killers in it.

Episode 284 - The Complete Necessary Servant

It’s one of our favorite archetypes, so we discuss the particulars of playing the guy who stands behind the other guy.

Episode 283 - Spoiler Club: Seven

We finish up the “gotcha” spoiler club with Seven (or is it Se7en?), a fun movie. There is a whole lot of discussion about the magical serial killer. It makes no sense.

Episode 282 - TV Finales

Dale is back and so he wants to talk about the only thing he did while he was gone - watch TV. That means Game of Thrones, Arrow, and Hannibal pretty much. Everyone complains about everyone else’s tastes. There’s also some talk about all the superhero shows next season.

Episode 281 - The Struggling Artist

We talk about art in games. What does it mean to create within a creative endeavor? Does it diminish the entire process to have it succeed. What games are good at managing artistic fields?

Episode 280 - Spoiler Club: The Usual Suspects

It’s the Usual Suspects, a film about guys getting out of cars, you cocksucker. We also talk about comic book movies because we’re nerds.