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Episode 344 - Overused Sci-Fi Tropes

We argue about sci-fi tropes, which some people don’t like and other people think are the greatest things. It is very confusing. And pedantic.

Episode 343 - Directors

Which directors do we want to see expand their horizons into superhero/fantasy/sci-fi? Which directors do we want to never touch those particular genres again? This one gets arty or, at least, as arty as one can be while discussing dude wearing tights.

Episode 342 - The Complete Book of Experience

We spend all of our experience on frivolous social advantages instead of improving our stats or buying sweet new powers.

Episode 341 - TeeVee

Apparently, we watch a lot of TV. Or, some of us do. Or we talk about it a lot. I don’t really know. But this episode has what we’re looking forward to in TV this fall.

Episode 340 - The Complete Book of Miniatures

There’s a long tradition of using miniatures in RPGs and we look at all the methods used. Also, a conversation about integrating miniature games into RPGs. And pie. Always pie.

Episode 339 - GenCon

Expect the sort of incisive discussion you get from people who are not at GenCon and who, in fact, recorded this episode before GenCon was over. So we really know what we’re talking about. Be sure to listen to find out how you can get your Con exclusive!

Episode 338 - Spoiler Club: Sense8

It’s another Netflix show and another Spoiler Club discussing it. Jim and Chris want to get all deep and discuss their feelings, but Mark just wants the whole thing to hurry up.

Episode 337 - E3

We talk about video game announcements from weeks ago. But, we’re also pretty uninformed about the whole thing, so I don’t know why’d you choose us as your news/opinion source.

Episode 336 - Ars Familia

Organized crime in roleplaying games gets the occasional sourcebook, but isn’t normally anything other than an antagonist faction. We set out to change that with our in-depth treatise on the subject. Or, we just talk about FIFA.

Episode 335 - Reboots

We talk about reboots, never even mentioning the fact that we recently rebooted our format. It’s like we’re willfully blind about that. Meanwhile, Dale and Mark complain about books.