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Episode 373 - Avoiding the Data Dump

How do you avoid exposition in games? How can you make it interesting? We discuss some ways that have worked for us.

Episode 372 - Death in Games

We discuss that one thing that every game assumes but never actually happens - death. Are we just namby-pamby babies who hate to see a dead character, or is it the solution to all of our problems? The grave holds its secrets…

Episode 371 - The 5Ws of Roleplaying

Mark brings out the journalism to discuss the 5Ws of Roleplaying. The most important question, we quickly determine, is “Why?” and we spend most of the time talking about it. That’s why.

Episode 370 - Fame & Reputation in Games

We discover the ephemeral nature of reputation and reputation management when we discuss the vagaries of fame in games. No one ends up more famous, which just makes the whole thing pointless.

Episode 369 - Bringing the World to the Players

How do you handle travel? How easy is it for the players to communicate with each other? How have we gotten along without having this very important conversation?

Episode 368 - MkIII Redux

The rules are out, so we delve into our final diagnosis of the new Warmachine and Hordes rule set. Everyone wins, except Chris.

Episode 367 - The Complete Book of Adventures

We talk about our most loved property - the pre-written adventure. We discuss the merits and flaws of the format and what we’ve learned from them. The house is on fire.

Episode 366 - Ars Ghostica

None of us believe in ghosts, but we do believe in talking about them! Chris discusses his obsession with ghost shows, while Jim and Mark mock him. It’s heartwarming.

Episode 365 - Legacies

We talk about games that get revisited, campaigns that return to previous campaigns, and the importance of Star Wars’ genealogy. There’s plenty of personal stories, so tune in.

Episode 364 - The Complete Book of Names

We talk about names and naming conventions in RPGs. We also give our best advice on how to insert the most apostrophes into your fantasy names.